Human zombie.

I am not a baby...but baby zombies are disturbing creatures!

So last night I went to bed at a semi-respectable time in order to get sufficient shut eye to then get up at 8 am. This is to fulfill what now seems like a bat shit crazy idea of forming habits. See how much resolve I have? Haha. Anyway. Coherence. Yes. That is what people want to read. So as I was saying, I went to bed early to get up early. Except my brain decided that staying awake until THREE AM was in my best interests. Nonetheless I soldiered on and got up at 8 regardless, after a paltry 4 – 5 hours of sleep. Zzzzz…

I even managed to endure my fortnightly 2 hour class (which today, despite my living dead status, was ridiculously interesting) and sweated my butt off at the gym afterwards. All I can say is, I better sleep like a baby tonight. Not a zombie one though. I don’t think they sleep. Or do much of anything for that matter.

Over and out. [Translated for the zombies out there to: OUABOUEOS ROAUFB. Or some such.]


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