Today is such a beautiful day! It is so sunny and blue skied and still and delicious! I wish I could hug it!

Today I got up at 6am because I had an assignment due at 4pm. I proceeded to obliterate it by 11am. All hail my awesomeness! I am on such a roll with it, I think I might print off the five articles I have to make a precis out of and take them out in to the sun and read. This sounds like a delicious idea, does it not? Enjoying the sunshine, plus getting my final assignment out of the way? Yes please!

Everything seems to be falling together in my life nicely at the moment. I have recently been spared the indecency of making a fool of myself in pronouncing my affections for someone, everyone at home is happy and nice (for a change) and I feel like I am finally getting a social life together. I have even stopped being morbidly depressed over not working, which had been weighing heavily on my mind for months. I feel healthier and fitter than I have for a long while, and I am even getting over my bizarre spate of ridiculous fatigue I had going on there for a while. All in all, life is getting a major thumbs up!

So, it is time for a brief recap of the last (almost) 23 years. I stole this from Amiee, and I believe it is a post of the day prompt, but I am so slack with this thing I didn’t bother signing up for post of the day.


So, with no further ado, a sentence for each year of my life:

1. I gave killing my mother my very best shot; she didn’t meet me until about 72 hours after my birth.

2. I taught my older brother how to walk because he was so jealous of my awesome abilities.

3. I lived in a wee little town in SA, where it was very hot, very red, and where I got gastro and had to be hospitalised.

4. I fell in love with a boy named Stephen at my kindergarten; he didn’t like me.

5. I moved from a gigantic lakeside house with a private beach an hour away from Melbourne to a run down renovators nightmare with an overgrown garden with a river view fifteen minutes from the city centre.

6. I started school, and begrudged the fact that my uniform was green and not blue, and proceeded to take it out on everyone around me by being a monstrous bully; I only snapped out of it when they were ready to expel me.

7. I got a kitten named Lucy, but my next door neighbours evil territorial tom killed her 😦

8. I had my only ever real kiddy birthday party, and found it really boring.

9. I got bubblegum stuck in my hair, so mum gave me a boy haircut to get rid of it.

10. My parents took me and all my extended family to Lone Star for my birthday, where they do a dance and sing happy birthday to you; I was mortified.

11. I started to grow out of primary school, especially the library, and started reading very age inappropriate material such as Stephen King.

12.  I finished primary school with a huge sigh of relief that it was over!

13. I started highschool and dad was diagnosed with cancer; to cope I became a bully all over again and spent the year on the counsellors couch.

14. I made some new friends as we all tried to fit into highschool after the tumultuous first year.

15. Realized for the first time that I am not a natural at every subject at school, and subsequently failed italian and maths.

16. Went through my legendarily daggy emo stage, complete with a bad black haircut, baggy tshirts, and a flirtation with cutting.

17. I got drunk for the very first time, and what a sobering experience it was!

18. I graduated from highschool and discovered who my real friends were.

19. I studied a course I hated, partied heaps, and took lots of drugs. Possibly one of the best years of my life.

20. Dropped out, worked full time for the first time ever (and hated it), went to tafe and had a relationship with a lovely lovely boy.

21. I turned 21, started my nursing degree, and spent 6 wonderful weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with my two bestest friends, Victtoria and Dave.

22. I went to Mexico with a pit stop in LA to complete my elective subject for nursing, making some amazing friends, immersing myself in a wonderful culture, having a shit load of fun and never wanting to come back.

23. I will be 23 in 16 days, so I thought I might as well add it to the list! I will graduate from my degree this year, and be a qualified nurse (YAH!), and am realising now, more than ever, that you shouldn’t run your life according to other peoples goals; it is your life, live it!


So thats it! My life isn’t very interesting, but it is mine, and I am pretty happy with it. Now off I go to enjoy the sunshine!


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