She lives!

I have been terribly slack over the last week. And I am not only referring to my dismal blogging efforts.

Not only have I been ridiculously lazy, but it has occured due to a massive lack of motivation to do anything. I ended up in one of my apathetic funks and couldn’t get out of it. All my hard goal setting was destroyed, and I only went to the gym once last week.

But this week it all changes.

Today I got up (rather late) and after waking up a bit and showering, weighed myself and took all my measurements. Interestingly, despite my pure lack of healthy eating, my complete aversion to the gym, and a heavy drinking session on sunday, I am down to my lowest weight so far…only 800 grams off my first milestone of 5 kg lost! My measurements were also pleasantly surprising, with my bust, arms, hips and waist remaining constant. My trouble areas appear to be my thighs and calves, which gained around 1/2 cm each. Need to do some serious work there.

So I dragged myself off to the gym with my Slutticus, and we sweated up a storm on the cross trainer and bemoaned how unfit we had become from not going to the gym much the weeks before. We then had all the intentions of doing weights but met the awesome friend who got us into the gym in the first place and ended up chatting before realising how late it was and skipping off home for dinner.

I feel that I have broken the barrier and should hopefully stay on track again. The good gains I have made are too good to lose, and it is motivating seeing it written down on paper (I have an exercise book with weights exercises and my weekly measurements in it). I hope to get down to -15kg mark by the end of the year, then I can work on the last -10kg after that. A big goal for a big girl!

I can’t wait!



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