You know the party is just getting started…

…when the police walk in just as you arrive to shut the party down.

I went to what I classify as a fairly awesome party last night. It was a dress up party with a theme of ‘politically incorrect’. I only found out about the theme the day before, so I didn’t have a chance to come up with a suitable costume, so I just wore my awesome new ‘wizards’ jacket that I got from the op shop. It is black velvet and covered with neon rainbow embroidery and has a hood. Epicness.

Anyway, so back to this party. There was much substance use, copious amounts of alcohol consumption, and some very questionable outfits. A teletubbie in lingerie. The birthday boy in a hookers get up with tampons hanging off his ears. A sub/dom pair complete with a leash. People put a lot of thought and a fair amount of effort into their outfits, and they were all really cool.

I think what really made it an epic party though, was the reason why the coppers came in the first place. 14 separate complaints about the noise from surrounding houses. Epic.

Makes me want to have a party just to get it shut down.

Maybe when my hangover goes away.



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