Four eyes.

Tonight I am trying to cobble together an assignment, consisting of five precis’. Tedium extraordinaire

I have a raging headache which isn’t helping, from wearing my reading glasses. Doesn’t make sense? Well the problem is I never wear them unless I am typing up a paper, even though I am on the computer every other day anyway. So my eyes get a big shock and give me a headache, but then if I take the glasses off the headache just gets worse. Catch-22.

So I am a sore four eyes tonight. In good news though, my shoulder is feeling a lot better. Stupid body. I try to make it strong at the gym and it fails me time and time again.

And about that. I suppose I should go back to the gym at some point.

In the meantime though, I have an article about sexual assault to get my teeth into. I promise when all this assignment writing and what not is over I shall write some proper posts instead of this blabber.

Over and out.



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