Pavlova and PMS.

So today was my birthday.

Pretty uneventful as far as birthdays go. A friend was going away this weekend, so I went out with my friends last weekend, for drinks and bowling. It was fun, but I so hate the focus of an event being on me.

Today I went to Maribyrnong Maker’s Market with Mum. We have always wanted to go, and it is only on three Sundays a year, so off we trotted. Nice stuff, but so, I dunno, Yarraville yuppy parents. The clothes were not my style, and the jewellery, while nice, was expensive and kind of boring. The only stuff that caught my eye were homemade soaps that smelt so good I could have eaten them, and old-fashioned toys. All in all, slightly disappointing.

Moving on to lunchtime, and my Great Aunt Zoe came over. She is about 86 years old, very crazy, and puts every birthday person on edge. She is the bearer of gifts, more commonly known as the infamous ‘squishy packages’. She ALWAYS buys you clothes, that are pretty much exclusively ugly, at least four sizes two big, and in us girls case, from Millers. She delivered, right on cue. A boooootiful baby shit brown puffer jacket in a size 40 billion. Thank god she gave me the receipt. I know I sound ungrateful, but as my Nanna said when I told her about it on the phone, Great Aunt Zoe has been giving squishy packages since my Uncle Matt was born 57 years ago, and they have never been any good. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. She did bring a gigantic store bought pavlova smothered with cream and strawberries, and while it was nowhere in the league of my favorite aunt, Aunty Val’s homemade pavlova with coffee cream and peppermint crisp, it was sufficiently sweet and delicious to force me to scoff down two huge slices. It’s my birthday, alright! I am allowed to be a pig!

So now I am just sitting around writing an assignment. What a way to spend your birthday!

Oh and I would like to send out some special thankyou’s to my old friends, Mother Nature and Father Time. Thankyou Mother Nature for waking me up at 7am with every woman’s favourite time of the month. I just love PMSing like a crazy bitch all day on my birthday. And thankyou Father Time for making that lunch the longest feat of endurance known to mankind. Greatly appreciative of both of your efforts, totally top-notch.

So thank god that is all over for another year. Except Christmas is in the middle. Don’t even get me started…



Burn, baby, burn!

Just a quickie today.

Did a smattering of floor work and weights at the gym today with my favourite asian, Ann, and man oh man am I feeling it already. Probably because it is the second day in a row I have done quite a lot of ab related exercises, but still, phwoar!

My shoulders, arms and stomach are suffering that delicious post exercise burn that screams ‘fuck I’m sore, but fuck I’m awesome!’ Loving it. An excellent incentive to get back in there tomorrow and do it all over again.

I am determined to weight 70kg by the very latest, end of 2012. I have been a fatty for far too long! One day I will post (full clothed, I promise!) so called ‘before pics’ of me when I was the fattiest I have been. Nothing like holidaying to force you to get in a whole lot of full body shots! Usually all my photos are of my face!

Anyway, I better go to bed and stop rambling about nothing in particular. Mum is dragging me to the shops tomorrow to buy me a birthday present. All of a sudden because I am older it is like I get to pick what I want for my birthday. I don’t want anything, except maybe the suprise of opening something and not knowing what is going to be inside. How ungrateful I must sound! But I guess it is just a little bit of mourning for another little bit of innocence and childhood lost.

I shall leave you with my favourite exercise motivation ever.



I was snooping around on The Daily Post contemplating whether or not to participate in post of the day/week, when yesterdays topic caught my eye:

‘How do you decide how to decide?’




I think this is a ridiculously valid question for today’s society, given the high levels of choice we are presented with on a day-to-day basis. We live in a highly consumeristic society. You have to choose what fillings go in your sandwich; which colour out of about 100 you want that pair of jeans in, after you have decided what cut you prefer; you can choose to change doctors/dentists/degrees/homes/cars/cities in a blink of an eye. Everything is readily available, and we thrive on the joy of instant gratification. But has this actually helped or hindered our decision-making process?

Sarah Wilson wrote this interesting little piece for the Sunday Life supplement magazine that comes with the Sunday Age in Melbourne, and also posted it on her blog. It goes into a little bit of detail about how as a society we are suffering decision fatigue, and are unnecessarily burdening our children with decisions they are not really capable of understanding. I personally don’t remember being asked as a child what I wanted for lunch at school, I just ate whatever was put in my lunchbox, then went and played, whereas I have seen younger cousins being quizzed at every possible moment on what they would like to do. They want to roll in the mud, that’s what.


I just want bread, fuckin'!


The major problem with decision fatigue is because we can no longer be bothered making new choices, we just stick to the default ones, which may not be in our best interests. Can’t decide between having the caesar salad with or without chicken? Oh fuck it, I will just get a parma instead. The wardrobe is so bursting full of clothing that it takes you at least half an hour to decide what to wear, and when you eventually clean it out you find clothes you thought you sent to the op shop years ago? Get rid of most of it.

Sarah details three ways you can make decision-making in your life easier, and thereby reduce your chance of decision fatigue:

  1. Set up your life to make less decisions.
  2. Do whatever grabs you.
  3. Spend an hour making choices.

By simplifying your life in such a way that leaves you with a tolerable amount of choices (everyone will be different on what is tolerable), you will be less likely to make default choices. Sarah uses the example of how she is currently living out of a suitcase and therefore rotates between three outfits. One dirty, one clean, one being worn. Simple. That wouldn’t work for me unless I was travelling, but I can use her analogy to take a good hard look at my wardrobe. I take FOREVER to decide what to wear every day, simply because I have soooo many clothes. It is completely unneccessary, as I wear the same ones over and over. While I am not quite ready to tackle the wardrobe, I have been cleaning out my space and preparing in general for life as a full-time worker next year, by de-cluttering and thereby limiting my choice of distractions.

Sarah also promotes the idea of doing tasks which appeal to you the most. Instead of sitting there with your to-do-list ho humming over what should have priority, just do all the things first that most appeal to you, or that won’t seem like a chore. This idea may not appeal to some people as it means you could be leaving the most onerous task to last, but it also means that you won’t have any excuses because it is the only thing you have left to do…so just get on with it!

Lastly, Sarah advocates the idea of just sitting down, and getting a whole lot of stuff over and done with in a short space of time. Things like emails, bills, letters, and all those other little annoying things that require our attention and a decision on. Instead of deliberating over them and making a mountain out of a molehill, just make snap decisions, get it over and done with, and move on with life.

By reducing the stress decisions cause in your life, not only are you getting the decision-making over and done with, you are also leaving yourself a lot of free time to do whatever the hell you want with!


Chill, like this super awesome sloth.


So in my maiden voyage into the art of quick and effective decision-making I made a snap decision (well after about a week) to move out next year. My friend Creepy Krystal had already asked me a few times to be her roommate but I had never really taken the idea too seriously. I always made excuses to myself about saving money, living close to the hospital I want to work at, being able to travel, being reluctant to leave my parents and brother and the very unique family life we live. However. I will be 23 next year. My parents have supported me through five years of tertiary education. They have paid for all my food, the majority of my bills, and for all my living expenses in this last year that I have been unemployed. We are also starting to get cabin fever. I am fighting more with my mum, becoming more intolerant of some of my brothers usually cute but often annoying mannerisms and quirks. Dad is probably the only person I stay constant with, he tends to be like a leveler between us all. The decision to move out also ties in, believe it or not, with my desire to lose weight. My mother is fiercely protective of her kitchen, and as yet I have not had the opportunity (or one could say the permission!) to learn how to cook. As a result I eat my mothers, while excellent, delicious and nutritious, cooking, I also eat her ridiculously oversized portions that are often laden with carb dense foods. I feel moving out with give me the freedom to cook what I want and change to a clean eating lifestyle. But most of all? It is just time. Time for me to become a real adult, to become independent, to make my own home. I can’t wait. 🙂


A wee cottage...such a shame I live in the city!


Hopefully I will make many more good decisions to come. Like finishing my last assignment, which I decide to do right now!


She lives!

I have been terribly slack over the last week. And I am not only referring to my dismal blogging efforts.

Not only have I been ridiculously lazy, but it has occured due to a massive lack of motivation to do anything. I ended up in one of my apathetic funks and couldn’t get out of it. All my hard goal setting was destroyed, and I only went to the gym once last week.

But this week it all changes.

Today I got up (rather late) and after waking up a bit and showering, weighed myself and took all my measurements. Interestingly, despite my pure lack of healthy eating, my complete aversion to the gym, and a heavy drinking session on sunday, I am down to my lowest weight so far…only 800 grams off my first milestone of 5 kg lost! My measurements were also pleasantly surprising, with my bust, arms, hips and waist remaining constant. My trouble areas appear to be my thighs and calves, which gained around 1/2 cm each. Need to do some serious work there.

So I dragged myself off to the gym with my Slutticus, and we sweated up a storm on the cross trainer and bemoaned how unfit we had become from not going to the gym much the weeks before. We then had all the intentions of doing weights but met the awesome friend who got us into the gym in the first place and ended up chatting before realising how late it was and skipping off home for dinner.

I feel that I have broken the barrier and should hopefully stay on track again. The good gains I have made are too good to lose, and it is motivating seeing it written down on paper (I have an exercise book with weights exercises and my weekly measurements in it). I hope to get down to -15kg mark by the end of the year, then I can work on the last -10kg after that. A big goal for a big girl!

I can’t wait!



Today is such a beautiful day! It is so sunny and blue skied and still and delicious! I wish I could hug it!

Today I got up at 6am because I had an assignment due at 4pm. I proceeded to obliterate it by 11am. All hail my awesomeness! I am on such a roll with it, I think I might print off the five articles I have to make a precis out of and take them out in to the sun and read. This sounds like a delicious idea, does it not? Enjoying the sunshine, plus getting my final assignment out of the way? Yes please!

Everything seems to be falling together in my life nicely at the moment. I have recently been spared the indecency of making a fool of myself in pronouncing my affections for someone, everyone at home is happy and nice (for a change) and I feel like I am finally getting a social life together. I have even stopped being morbidly depressed over not working, which had been weighing heavily on my mind for months. I feel healthier and fitter than I have for a long while, and I am even getting over my bizarre spate of ridiculous fatigue I had going on there for a while. All in all, life is getting a major thumbs up!

So, it is time for a brief recap of the last (almost) 23 years. I stole this from Amiee, and I believe it is a post of the day prompt, but I am so slack with this thing I didn’t bother signing up for post of the day.


So, with no further ado, a sentence for each year of my life:

1. I gave killing my mother my very best shot; she didn’t meet me until about 72 hours after my birth.

2. I taught my older brother how to walk because he was so jealous of my awesome abilities.

3. I lived in a wee little town in SA, where it was very hot, very red, and where I got gastro and had to be hospitalised.

4. I fell in love with a boy named Stephen at my kindergarten; he didn’t like me.

5. I moved from a gigantic lakeside house with a private beach an hour away from Melbourne to a run down renovators nightmare with an overgrown garden with a river view fifteen minutes from the city centre.

6. I started school, and begrudged the fact that my uniform was green and not blue, and proceeded to take it out on everyone around me by being a monstrous bully; I only snapped out of it when they were ready to expel me.

7. I got a kitten named Lucy, but my next door neighbours evil territorial tom killed her 😦

8. I had my only ever real kiddy birthday party, and found it really boring.

9. I got bubblegum stuck in my hair, so mum gave me a boy haircut to get rid of it.

10. My parents took me and all my extended family to Lone Star for my birthday, where they do a dance and sing happy birthday to you; I was mortified.

11. I started to grow out of primary school, especially the library, and started reading very age inappropriate material such as Stephen King.

12.  I finished primary school with a huge sigh of relief that it was over!

13. I started highschool and dad was diagnosed with cancer; to cope I became a bully all over again and spent the year on the counsellors couch.

14. I made some new friends as we all tried to fit into highschool after the tumultuous first year.

15. Realized for the first time that I am not a natural at every subject at school, and subsequently failed italian and maths.

16. Went through my legendarily daggy emo stage, complete with a bad black haircut, baggy tshirts, and a flirtation with cutting.

17. I got drunk for the very first time, and what a sobering experience it was!

18. I graduated from highschool and discovered who my real friends were.

19. I studied a course I hated, partied heaps, and took lots of drugs. Possibly one of the best years of my life.

20. Dropped out, worked full time for the first time ever (and hated it), went to tafe and had a relationship with a lovely lovely boy.

21. I turned 21, started my nursing degree, and spent 6 wonderful weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with my two bestest friends, Victtoria and Dave.

22. I went to Mexico with a pit stop in LA to complete my elective subject for nursing, making some amazing friends, immersing myself in a wonderful culture, having a shit load of fun and never wanting to come back.

23. I will be 23 in 16 days, so I thought I might as well add it to the list! I will graduate from my degree this year, and be a qualified nurse (YAH!), and am realising now, more than ever, that you shouldn’t run your life according to other peoples goals; it is your life, live it!


So thats it! My life isn’t very interesting, but it is mine, and I am pretty happy with it. Now off I go to enjoy the sunshine!


Hi lovelies,

I have been a slack little bastard with this thing over the last week. Truth is though, life dealt me up a hectic week! Doesn’t happen very often in my one-subject, no-employment existence, but this last week was a killer!

Over the weekend my social life got a major boost, with a lunch date with my fellow bum friends (god knows how we afford our lifestyle seeing as 2 out of 8 lunch attendees are currently out of work!), a playdate with a pair of delightful bunnies, and a sunday sesh at the pub! Whoa! What a weekend!

And then on monday and today, I had interviews at two different hospitals. Both went spectacularly well, which puts me in a conundrum as to how to reorder my preferences for the nursing computer match that determines the hospital I get my grad year at. The hospital I had set my heart on working at I didn’t do very well at the interview. So I have a large thinking cap to put on for a while.

Meanwhile, I just finished my final nursing calculations test for this course…WOOHOO! Which means I have 2 assessments to go for this degree! HUZZAH! Oh yes, the excitement is becoming tangible.

What didn’t go so well this week was my goals for habit formation. Interestingly, I didn’t fail at what I thought I would fail at. To recap, my goals for the week (and for the following two) were:

  1. Get up at or before 8 am everyday.
  2. Eat breakfast everyday.
  3. Drink at least a liter of water everyday.

Now I bet you are thinking, she failed at the early mornings, right? Well wrong! I managed to get up, or at least wake up and lay around in my bed, at 8 am every morning (I even got up at 6 am on monday!). As a result, I ate breakfast every day  as well, which I am sure is helping my metabolism, I am snacking nowhere near as much. It was the water that let me down. I didn’t end up going and buying a bottle like I promised myself, and what with the hecticness of job interviews and socialising, my water intake suffered. So that is something to work on this week again.

And speaking of this week, it is time to implement 3 new goals to make into habits! Wowee! I am so exciting! Here they are:

  1. Eat lunch everyday.
  2. Stop drinking soft drink.
  3. Do weights at least 5 days a week.

To keep my metabolism going with the breakfast eating bonanza, it is time I concentrate on the next most important meal of the day: lunch. I virtually never eat lunch, and if I do, it is something delicious like cheese and salami toasties, which, although amazing, are crippling to ones waistline. So I need to really work on eating healthy lunches and eating them regularly to keep my body in check.

Soft drink. Ahh my liquid gold. I drink at least a can of soft drink at dinner time EVERY NIGHT. I love the bubbles. Ahh. Bubbles bubbles bubbles. But at a whopping 11 teaspoons of sugar a can, it is time I ditch the sweet tooth if I want to be serious about my weight loss. Drinking soft drink also leaves you feeling sluggish and therefore prevents you from pushing yourself to the limit during exercise, so it is a definite no-no!


Lastly, weights. I have a great little weight workout (courtesy of Ann, thanks love!), but lately I have been going to the gym, doing half an hour of cardio, and calling it a day. I don’t know where my lack of motivation came from, but it hit me like a tonne of bricks, and now it is time to give it the arse! So five days a week, I am going to hit up the weights! Feel those muscles burrrrn!

It is bedtime in the Egan household, so I best head off, especially considering I took a break from writing this to watch a youtube video then got all teary. I will post it here so everyone else can get teary too, it’s an x factor video of Emmanuel Kelly, a young man with an extraordinary story, and an amazing voice. I have had the pleasure of meeting him and his brother when I was at high school and they were young children, his mother Moira was a former pupil and used to come to the school to give motivational talks and such like. Very inspiring!

Goodnight world! xx

There was a moth crawling in my sleeve…

So I was sitting here getting ready to formulate another smashing blog post, and kept feeling that creepy crawly feeling on my left arm. I thought I was delusional, as I get the creepy crawly feeling at least once a day for whatever reason, but upon further investigation, I discovered a moth had somehow gotten in there. Silly little moth.


Today I helped my favourite whorebag Victtoria ‘run’ the op shop her mum, ‘Queen Dyke’, works at while she nipped out for a while. I love op shops. I love the eclectic bunch of crap, discarded clothing, and former loved items. I love rifling through all of this stuff to find my newest treasure. I love that musty op shop smell. Possibly the best part of op shops though? The clientele.

The op shop in question is in the lovely suburb of Flemington (*insert mild sarcasm here*). As a result, it attracts a wide variety of Asian, African, slightly left/right/up/down of the centre people, and a lot of people who frequent op shops because their socio-economic status prevents their affordability from being sufficient to buy new clothing/crockery/books etc. You get your lovely grandmas pinching pennies, your hipsters buying out ALL the cool clothes in one fell swoop, and your usual riff raff and down-and-outers trying to scam you down to the last cent. Which is annoying considering this op shop is considerably cheaper than the big warehouse varieties like Savers.

My favourite people are the ones who tell you their life story. All about their mother/father/sister/brother/daughter/son/friend/dog/elephant/giraffe. Whether or not you care. You get it anyway. I just love getting that micro slice of another persons life. It is what I loved about working in retail for four years. I hated the paperwork and the hoopla that came with the job, but I loved chatting to my regulars.

The next best part of spending a day working in an op shop? When customers are scarce, you can scour the racks for finds. I got a (I suspect) never/rarely worn black dress with white polka dots that fits like it was custom-made, and an adorable little tan leather purse (made in italy) that is in terrible condition but that I am going to inject a bit of love into to try to spruce it up a bit. If it doesn’t work, well who cares, it is cute as anyway, perfect for a night out!

You never know what you might find at the op shop... or how stupid alcohol will make you act and look!

I will definitely be heading back to the op shop for some more days of fun.

And to buy clothes. Lots and lots of clothes.

🙂 xx

Human zombie.

I am not a baby...but baby zombies are disturbing creatures!

So last night I went to bed at a semi-respectable time in order to get sufficient shut eye to then get up at 8 am. This is to fulfill what now seems like a bat shit crazy idea of forming habits. See how much resolve I have? Haha. Anyway. Coherence. Yes. That is what people want to read. So as I was saying, I went to bed early to get up early. Except my brain decided that staying awake until THREE AM was in my best interests. Nonetheless I soldiered on and got up at 8 regardless, after a paltry 4 – 5 hours of sleep. Zzzzz…

I even managed to endure my fortnightly 2 hour class (which today, despite my living dead status, was ridiculously interesting) and sweated my butt off at the gym afterwards. All I can say is, I better sleep like a baby tonight. Not a zombie one though. I don’t think they sleep. Or do much of anything for that matter.

Over and out. [Translated for the zombies out there to: OUABOUEOS ROAUFB. Or some such.]