Feast or a famine.

Everything seems to be happening at once in my usually stale life! It is enough to make any girls head spin!

After what seemed like months and months of ‘it’s ages away!’ all of a sudden October is here! Which means in two weeks I leave the family nest to live in Sale for four weeks, AND I find out if any hospital is willing to employ me next year. Major EEPS!

I am ridiculously excited about Sale. I have travelled before, but have never had to worry about my next meal or even where I am going to sleep at night. While I do have accommodation sorted for Sale, I do not know how to cook to save myself, so this is going to be a rapid and steep learning curve for missy moo here! I am quite determined to cook my own dinner every night, no takeaway, no microwave meals. I am 23 years old, it is time I learn to fend for myself. Obviously I will have to get to know a washing machine as well. I have used plenty of laundromats so hopefully this one shouldn’t be tooooo bad! It is all good preparation for next year, when I intend to permanently move out.

In the meantime though, now that October has hit, I feel like I have a million things I need to do in the next two weeks, and a million things distracting me from doing any of them! I seem to spend my days sitting around doing nothing but play a very stupid but very addictive game on my iPhone, then talking to people on Facebook way past my bedtime, and therefore getting up late and repeating the cycle! Argh! I have also had a recent social life explosion, and seem to be going out sooo much (to other people’s standards it is probably pretty average!). At least I am dragging myself of to the gym, so that is something, although todays effort was a bit lacklustre due to severe sciatic evilness.

I still have to finish my last assignment, organise all the stuff I need to take with me, not to mention complete a never-ending to do list of stuff, including sending off my application for registration as a nurse. MAJOR ARGHHHHHH!

I suppose I should stop complaining about it and just get on with it, and also remember, that it is not going to get any easier next year when I add full-time work to my schedule! Woo!

Over and out, hombres!



Summer is coming (and the gym is making lots of money)!

You can tell summer is on its way when EVERY teeny bopper, tween, and stuck up bitchface in the western suburbs hits the gym.

It is so damn crowded at my usual time of about 4pm. I had to resort to the dreaded treadmill to do my cardio because the lone crosstrainer in the womens section (I couldn’t face the mixed gym today) was being used, and the bikes were all taken. The worst part is, these skinny little moles move in packs. They come in pairs or groups of three, mill about doing nothing, sit on the floor and chat, sit on the exercise balls and chat, sit on the bikes not moving a muscle and chat. WHY CAN’T YOU GO TO A CAFE AND CHAT?!


I guess I will just have to change the time I go. Maybe aim for a pre lunch work out. All I can say is, I hate them all! ALL OF THEM I SAY!




My dietary exploits are challenged by the continuing presence of cheesecake in this world.


Nom nom nom!


Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and this week has been a shocker. I had originally hoped to lose 800 grams this week to bring me down to my first goal loss of 5kg, but after this weekends terrible efforts it is not looking good.

I did have a good week exercise wise. Four days at the gym last week with various amounts of weights, and a consistent 30 minutes of torturous cardio on the cross trainer. Today I even managed to slog it out in the stuffy confines of the women’s gym in 29 degree heat without succumbing to the temptation to turn the fan on to cool down. I was drenched and sore and it felt amazing.

However, over the weekend I have a massive blow out diet wise. It started with not one, but THREE slices of pavlova on Saturday. I will blame my Aunt Zoe, she brought the damn thing to our house. She did not hold me down and force me to eat it, but she may as well have. Then last night I had fish and chips for dinner, nom nom. And tonight I went out for dinner with the lovely Clarissa and had a gigantic serve of calamari, chips and salad, washed down with coke, followed by a slice of chocolate cheesecake (to share!) and hot chocolate. Unghhhhh. So much fried-ness and sugar-ness.

Definitely not good for my waistline. All I can hope for is a maintenance for this week, but even the possibility of that is looking slim. Ahh slim. Something my arse will never be at this rate.

Still, there is always the week ahead!

Meanwhile, I will dream of more cheesecake.


Burn, baby, burn!

Just a quickie today.

Did a smattering of floor work and weights at the gym today with my favourite asian, Ann, and man oh man am I feeling it already. Probably because it is the second day in a row I have done quite a lot of ab related exercises, but still, phwoar!

My shoulders, arms and stomach are suffering that delicious post exercise burn that screams ‘fuck I’m sore, but fuck I’m awesome!’ Loving it. An excellent incentive to get back in there tomorrow and do it all over again.

I am determined to weight 70kg by the very latest, end of 2012. I have been a fatty for far too long! One day I will post (full clothed, I promise!) so called ‘before pics’ of me when I was the fattiest I have been. Nothing like holidaying to force you to get in a whole lot of full body shots! Usually all my photos are of my face!

Anyway, I better go to bed and stop rambling about nothing in particular. Mum is dragging me to the shops tomorrow to buy me a birthday present. All of a sudden because I am older it is like I get to pick what I want for my birthday. I don’t want anything, except maybe the suprise of opening something and not knowing what is going to be inside. How ungrateful I must sound! But I guess it is just a little bit of mourning for another little bit of innocence and childhood lost.

I shall leave you with my favourite exercise motivation ever.


She lives!

I have been terribly slack over the last week. And I am not only referring to my dismal blogging efforts.

Not only have I been ridiculously lazy, but it has occured due to a massive lack of motivation to do anything. I ended up in one of my apathetic funks and couldn’t get out of it. All my hard goal setting was destroyed, and I only went to the gym once last week.

But this week it all changes.

Today I got up (rather late) and after waking up a bit and showering, weighed myself and took all my measurements. Interestingly, despite my pure lack of healthy eating, my complete aversion to the gym, and a heavy drinking session on sunday, I am down to my lowest weight so far…only 800 grams off my first milestone of 5 kg lost! My measurements were also pleasantly surprising, with my bust, arms, hips and waist remaining constant. My trouble areas appear to be my thighs and calves, which gained around 1/2 cm each. Need to do some serious work there.

So I dragged myself off to the gym with my Slutticus, and we sweated up a storm on the cross trainer and bemoaned how unfit we had become from not going to the gym much the weeks before. We then had all the intentions of doing weights but met the awesome friend who got us into the gym in the first place and ended up chatting before realising how late it was and skipping off home for dinner.

I feel that I have broken the barrier and should hopefully stay on track again. The good gains I have made are too good to lose, and it is motivating seeing it written down on paper (I have an exercise book with weights exercises and my weekly measurements in it). I hope to get down to -15kg mark by the end of the year, then I can work on the last -10kg after that. A big goal for a big girl!

I can’t wait!



Hi lovelies,

I have been a slack little bastard with this thing over the last week. Truth is though, life dealt me up a hectic week! Doesn’t happen very often in my one-subject, no-employment existence, but this last week was a killer!

Over the weekend my social life got a major boost, with a lunch date with my fellow bum friends (god knows how we afford our lifestyle seeing as 2 out of 8 lunch attendees are currently out of work!), a playdate with a pair of delightful bunnies, and a sunday sesh at the pub! Whoa! What a weekend!

And then on monday and today, I had interviews at two different hospitals. Both went spectacularly well, which puts me in a conundrum as to how to reorder my preferences for the nursing computer match that determines the hospital I get my grad year at. The hospital I had set my heart on working at I didn’t do very well at the interview. So I have a large thinking cap to put on for a while.

Meanwhile, I just finished my final nursing calculations test for this course…WOOHOO! Which means I have 2 assessments to go for this degree! HUZZAH! Oh yes, the excitement is becoming tangible.

What didn’t go so well this week was my goals for habit formation. Interestingly, I didn’t fail at what I thought I would fail at. To recap, my goals for the week (and for the following two) were:

  1. Get up at or before 8 am everyday.
  2. Eat breakfast everyday.
  3. Drink at least a liter of water everyday.

Now I bet you are thinking, she failed at the early mornings, right? Well wrong! I managed to get up, or at least wake up and lay around in my bed, at 8 am every morning (I even got up at 6 am on monday!). As a result, I ate breakfast every day ¬†as well, which I am sure is helping my metabolism, I am snacking nowhere near as much. It was the water that let me down. I didn’t end up going and buying a bottle like I promised myself, and what with the hecticness of job interviews and socialising, my water intake suffered. So that is something to work on this week again.

And speaking of this week, it is time to implement 3 new goals to make into habits! Wowee! I am so exciting! Here they are:

  1. Eat lunch everyday.
  2. Stop drinking soft drink.
  3. Do weights at least 5 days a week.

To keep my metabolism going with the breakfast eating bonanza, it is time I concentrate on the next most important meal of the day: lunch. I virtually never eat lunch, and if I do, it is something delicious like cheese and salami toasties, which, although amazing, are crippling to ones waistline. So I need to really work on eating healthy lunches and eating them regularly to keep my body in check.

Soft drink. Ahh my liquid gold. I drink at least a can of soft drink at dinner time EVERY NIGHT. I love the bubbles. Ahh. Bubbles bubbles bubbles. But at a whopping 11 teaspoons of sugar a can, it is time I ditch the sweet tooth if I want to be serious about my weight loss. Drinking soft drink also leaves you feeling sluggish and therefore prevents you from pushing yourself to the limit during exercise, so it is a definite no-no!


Lastly, weights. I have a great little weight workout (courtesy of Ann, thanks love!), but lately I have been going to the gym, doing half an hour of cardio, and calling it a day. I don’t know where my lack of motivation came from, but it hit me like a tonne of bricks, and now it is time to give it the arse! So five days a week, I am going to hit up the weights! Feel those muscles burrrrn!

It is bedtime in the Egan household, so I best head off, especially considering I took a break from writing this to watch a youtube video then got all teary. I will post it here so everyone else can get teary too, it’s an x factor video of Emmanuel Kelly, a young man with an extraordinary story, and an amazing voice. I have had the pleasure of meeting him and his brother when I was at high school and they were young children, his mother Moira was a former pupil and used to come to the school to give motivational talks and such like. Very inspiring!

Goodnight world! xx

Human zombie.

I am not a baby...but baby zombies are disturbing creatures!

So last night I went to bed at a semi-respectable time in order to get sufficient shut eye to then get up at 8 am. This is to fulfill what now seems like a bat shit crazy idea of forming habits. See how much resolve I have? Haha. Anyway. Coherence. Yes. That is what people want to read. So as I was saying, I went to bed early to get up early. Except my brain decided that staying awake until THREE AM was in my best interests. Nonetheless I soldiered on and got up at 8 regardless, after a paltry 4 – 5 hours of sleep. Zzzzz…

I even managed to endure my fortnightly 2 hour class (which today, despite my living dead status, was ridiculously interesting) and sweated my butt off at the gym afterwards. All I can say is, I better sleep like a baby tonight. Not a zombie one though. I don’t think they sleep. Or do much of anything for that matter.

Over and out. [Translated for the zombies out there to: OUABOUEOS ROAUFB. Or some such.]

Oh so sweaty.

I don’t have much to talk about today.

It was a good day though. Went out for lunch with my pretty mother and ‘invalid’ father (he is so playing on the fact he had an operation a week ago). Did some groceries, during which I think evil thoughts about the people around me. It clears my mind for when I get home, so my brain is happy.

Highlight of my day was definitely the gym. I pushed myself through this enormous pain barrier today, and was literally wet all over like I had just gotten out of a shower from the amount of sweat I produced. I thought I would just crumple to dust when it all dried off, surely I had sweat all my blah blah percent water out. I personally feel that a workout is not worth it if you don’t generate a sweat. It shows you are really pushing yourself and fatiguing your body. Unlike the two little teeny boppers I was sharing the girls gym with today. I don’t like to be disparaging about their efforts, any exercise is better than no exercise, but these young girls (I predict about 18/19) were both carrying quite a lot of extra weight. Not obese, but just very noticeably overweight. Obviously they were going to the gym, like me, to try and get healthier and rectify the situation. But honestly darlings. Walking on the treadmill at speed 0.5 is not going to get you anywhere. You walk faster than that to get from the treadmill to your car. I would have forgiven them if they were visibly sweating or puffing out of breath and showing obvious signs of fatigue due to being ridiculously unfit, but no. I think they were just lazy, or there to socialize with each other. Who knows. Maybe they will figure it out eventually.

In the meantime, I will continue to sweat my balls off, and leave you with a bit of craziness from my favourite gym companion.